Jangchub Choeling Education & Welfare Society

2018-2021: Leadership training (empowerment workshops) for nuns of the Jangchub Choeling nuns' order

  • Financing of three workshops at a nunnery in Mundgod, South India. The nunnery sent a group of nuns to a first workshop of the Tibetan Women's Association in Bylakuppe in 2017 and announced to conduct further workshops in their nunnery. The Society prepared a corresponding cost estimate.
  • On 10.02.2018 the nuns reported that with the help of a teacher from Gengenbach, Dipl-Ing Paul Syska (Germany) they had organized another workshop in their nunnery. Costs per workshop about 850 Euro.

2017-2022: Annual Donation for a secretary fee

  • Purpose: Payment of a fee for a secretary for the nunnery in order to promote the education of nuns of the Jangchub Choeling nuns' order for organizing curriculum, examinations, obtaining scholarships for the nuns to be trained etc.
  • Collection of donations of 120.00 Euro per month.
  • Important to ensure the regular participation of the nuns in the annual examinations for the monastic-academic degree of a "Geshema" from 2016 onwards.