Completed Projects

Here you will find information, video recordings and abstracts of the conferences and lectures supported by the Foundation:

2019: Lecture series "Mindfulness in Education" at the University of Hamburg in the summer semester 2019

2018: Conference „Buddhism in Dialogue with Contemporary Societies“

2017: Support for the Academy of World Religions at the University of Hamburg
Preparation for the International and Interdisciplinary Conference "Buddhism in Dialogue with Modern Societies" from 20-22 June 2018 at the University of Hamburg (including payment of travel expenses for speakers) The assumption of these costs serves the objectives stated in the preamble to the foundation's purpose, i.e. the long-term, cross-traditional support in the field of teaching Buddhist principles through qualified translations into German (§ 2(4) of the constitution)

2016: Donation to the Jangchub Choeling Education & Welfare Society
Purpose: Organizing a ceremony on 23.12.2016 at the Jangchub Choeling Nunnery to award a "Certificate of Excellence" to the first 20 Tibetan nuns who have reached the monastic-academic degree of a "Geshema" on 22.12.2016 after 21 years of study. On 1 June 1995, the Foundation for Buddhist Studies (then still Foundation for Tibetan Buddhist Studies) had made a donation of 5,000 Deutsch Mark to the Tibetan Council for Religious and Cultural Affairs. With that initial donation, the first Winter Debate (Jang Guenchoe) for Tibetan nuns was initiated, which became the forum for the now annual examinations towards Geshema graduation.

2016: Donation toward the Committee for Bhikshuni Ordination (CBO)
As part of an educational campaign, a brochure on the Buddhist nuns' ordination was printed and distributed (3450 copies).
A further publication for distribution to Tibetan monk scholars was prepared. The printed publication "Revival of the Bhikṣuṇī Vow in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition" is also available online as an ebook:

2014-2015: Support of the Buddhist Women's Educational Society for the nuns debate (jang guenchoe) and geshema exams

2012: Support of the Buddhist Women's Educational Society

2007: „1st International Congress on Buddhist Women’s Role in the Sangha“

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